Soundsmith Inc. will be demonstrating their world-renowned line of phonographic cartridges during the High End Show between May 18 and May 20 in Munich Germany. Highlighting the demonstration will be the 7th Generation of their unique STRAIN GAUGE cartridge, which uses an active voltage coursing through the body of the cartridge to help generate the musical signal. Visitors will also be treated to Soundsmith’s $3,999.95 Paua Mk. II MC-compatible Moving Iron cartridge, which has been very favorably compared to cartridges costing up to 5x it’s price.

Soundsmith personnel will be there to explain the high value of Soundsmith’s unique rebuild policy, which allows the owner of any Soundsmith magnetic cartridge ti have it rebuilt – as new – for just 20% of the retail price. The ability of Soundsmith cartridges to be rebuilt, as new, for life has positioned Soundsmith cartridges as among the highest values in the industry.

Soundsmith’s booth and demonstration area will be in Halle 3, at location K04. Peter Ledermann, founder and chief engineer, will be in attendance and also demonstrating loudspeakers, preamplifiers, and amplifiers of his own design. Frank Schroeder’s “ALTO” tonearm, built under exclusive license by Soundsmith, will also be on display.