Speakers Corner On Analogue Mastering

Kai Seemann writes: “In various media, even including the Washington Post, a discussion has arisen about the non-transparent mastering methods of various audiophile LP labels. With regard to this, we should like to emphasise that all of Speakers Corner Records’ nearly 700 releases since 1993 have been produced purely using analogue technology, beginning with the microphone right up to the finished LP. At no time were digital files used or was digital processing carried out.”  

The only exception is Alan Parsons’ Eye in the Sky, which occupies a unique and special position in our catalogue. Although this album was recorded digitally, it was mixed using analogue technology, and an analogue master tape was created from which our LP was made.
We pledge not to alter our commitment to the principle of “pure analogue” in the future.
For further information about our mastering standards, please take a look at our website www.pure-analogue.com.