Stary Olsa – One (Metallica cover) LIVE

The origins of Metalilica One :)!? STARY OLSA is a band of mediaeval Belarusan music. It was founded in 1999 by its present leader Zmicier Sasnouski and now consists of six musicians. It takes its name from a brook in the west part of Mahilou Region (Belarus).
The band’s repertoire includes Belarusan folk balladry and martial songs, Belarusan national dances, works of Belarusan Renaissance composers, compositions from Belarusan aulic music collections (e.g. Polacak Adversaria, Vilnia Adversaria), Belarusan canticles of the 16th – early 17th centuries, as well as European popular melodies of the Middle Ages and Renascence.