Status Acoustics 8T Reference Standard Tower Monitor

Another speaker, that might not get the fullest attention. Status Acoustics 8T Reference Standard Tower Monitor uses proprietary Beryllium alloy mid-woofers, Beryllium Scan-Speak tweeters and unique, multi layered loudspeaker enclosure. 

Eight Drivers

Three proprietary aluminum alloy cone subwoofers, four proprietary Beryllium alloy cone midrange and one Scan-Speak Beryllium dome tweeter. Eight drivers working in unison to deliver unequaled acoustic clarity and dynamics.
The Finest Components
• WBT® wiring terminals
• Jantzen Audio® crossover components
• Kimber Kap® crossover components
• Kimber Kable® internal wiring
Cabinet Construction
The 8T’s cabinets are shaped from multiple layers of material bonded together. This helps give the 8T its unique shape, while allowing the thickness of the cabinet to be varied as needed to increase performance. This method of construction also permits internal bracing to be better integrated than conventional cabinet design methods.
30 Finish Choices
The 8T can be finished in one of 30 uniquely different wood-grain veneers.
8T Reference Standard Tower Cut Sheet
2012 Audioholics Product of Year Award
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 40kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity: 93db (2.83V/1Meter)
Recommended Power: 50-1,000 Watts
Drive Units: 1 – 1″ (26mm) Pure Beryllium
Dome Tweeter
4 – 6.5″ (165mm) Beryllium
Alloy Cone Midrange
3 – 10″ (254mm) Aluminum
Cone Woofers
Crossover Frequencies: 160Hz, 2,700Hz
System Impedance: 4 Ohms
Wiring Capability: Tri-amp / Tri-wireable
Dimensions: 66″ H x 27″ W x 32″ D
(1676mm H x 687mm W x 813mm D)
Weight: 345 lbs (157 kg)