Stealth Audio Cables Dream Uni Cloude

Stealth Audio Cables writes: “Dream Uni Cloude is our newest generation of UNIVERSAL – Ground switchable power cables.”

The Dream Uni Cloude – combines the Dream 20-20 and the Cloude Grande into a UNIVERSAL AC power cord package. Improving the ground layout and a very significant improvement (audible and measurable) in its digital configuration, and replaces the Dream V18 (both UNI and standard).
Using the partial runs of individual conductor runs – all individually interwoven by hand randomly – the maximum we could do in comparison to the Dream 20-20. 
Our UNI cords are user-configurable as Wall/Preamp. or Digital, or Power – via different positions of the screws. In the Dream Uni Cloude, it was replaced by “DIGITAL or Dream 20-20” – also configurable via screws in the UNI version.

Dream 20-20 is made for amplifiers, pre amps, and DACS, its main design goal is to provide extremely low resistance and resonance-free ground path to the equipment, thus considerably improving the signal-to-noise ratio and the transparency of the audio reproduction.

For digital audiophile equipment, and/or units with switching power supplies, we have been recommending our special DIGITAL AC cords versions, with internal built-in filtering. As well – the cord features a ground lift – for removal of ground looping noise problems that may persist in a system. 
Using as always Solid Silver USA and IEC contacts.”