Gorgeously looking Subbase Audio Shambala High End Audio low base high end audio rack from Germany…
The word Shambala means protection zone. To us it means music protection zone. None of the common hi-fi racks offers a living room-friendly solution which also fulfills our high-end audio standards. Therefore, we developed our own solution: Shambala TSS (The Small Solution).
Shambala TSS corresponds to our vision of an audiophile set-up concept: sophisticated design functionality and perfect workmanship.


The stability of the surface, as well as its resonance tuning, was of utmost importance to us in developing this product. Every supporting surface will retain its stable form in years to come, due to perfectly-placed inner struts and our c-stabilizing frames, the latter of which absorb horizontal impacting forces and distribute them optimally.
This is the reason why struts in the back and middle of Shambala, as is commonplace elsewhere, are unnecessary. This circumstance allows Shambala to appear pure, spatial, and fragile despite its incredible weight.
We have created a practically ideal homogeneous surface area, in regards to resonance technology, by solely bracing the surface and the sides with two stainless steel bolts. A homogeneous resonance spectrum is achieved in combination with the inner struts making the Shambala the best audiophile living room furniture.
The visual design is characterized by its simple form and precious wooden furnishing. The massive sides made of dark black, high-gloss acrylic with two separated layers of aluminum, highlight the high-quality component surface. The marquetry is made of hand-polished stainless steel and engraved, as is the name plate. The extremely massive Shambala stands on four cones made of turned ebony of the highest quality. Every Shambala is handcrafted and precise measurements taken, every screw fixed according to its moment of torque. 
You may choose between various veneers and designs. For example, you can opt for black anodized aluminum instead of silver high-gloss in combination with Macassar Ebony or other veneers. We are glad to advise you.
Our constructed elements are impeccable. The Shambala remains absolutely stable in shape and form for years to come. With the correct care, you will have a piece of furniture made to last a lifetime. Every piece in the Shambala has been selected due to its specific characteristics, optimized and incorporated. The stainless steel bolts used to fix the sides are smoothened and polished so that they can blend in better.
We also offer solitary Shambala elements in order to accommodate even oversized and heavy amplifier’s in solitude.