SW1X Audio Design Capacitor Battle Royale… These Copper Foil Caps will be evaluated for their sound signature: AN, Jensen, Dueleund,  Vcap,  Myflex, Jupiter, Mundorf, Jantzen,  ClarityCap,  Audyn, Rike. Full list and drooling photo material below…
Current Copper Foil capacitor group contenders:

0.47uF 630V Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitor
0.47uF 300Vdc V-Cap CuTF Capacitors (matched pair)
0.47uF 630Vdc Audyn Cap True Copper Max Capacitor
0.47uF 630Vdc Audyn True Copper Capacitor
0.47uF 630Vdc Duelund CAST PIO Tinned Copper Capacitors
0.47uF 630Vdc Duelund Jam Tinned Copper Foil Paper in Oil Capacitor
0.47uF 900Vdc Duelund Alexander Copper Foil Cap
0.47uF 400Vdc Duelund RS Electronic Capacitors
0.33uF 630V Duelund CAST DC Copper
0.47uF 400V Duelund VSF DC Copper
0.47uF 630V Jensen Copper Foil, PIO, Aluminium can
0.47uF 630V Jensen Copper Foil PIO in a copper can
0.47uF 630V Jensen Copper Foil PIO in a paper can
0.47uF 600Vdc Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Capacitor
0.47uF 600V Miflex KPCU Copper Foil Paper / Polypropylene in Oil Capacitor
0.47uF 600V Miflex KFPM-01 Copper Foil Paper Polypropylene Film Capacitor