Symposium Osiris state of the art Rack NEW

Welcome to the next step in component rack performance
Symposium is proud to announce the next advance in equipment rack isolation: enter Osiris, a completely modular, state-of-the-art component environment system with unique, innovative features found in no other audio or video rack. In addition to patented Compound Rollerblock® Isolation and Magnetic Bearing Bias, the Osiris features Symposium’s exclusive EMI/RFI “Faraday” shielding, component electrical grounding, ISO vertical wave damping, a new wire and cable management system, and much more.
Osiris inherits its core technology from the widely acclaimed Isis Rack, which set new standards for rack performance at a reasonable price. Osiris starts at the already high performance level of its progenitor and goes beyond even those limits with new features and expanded technology.
Larger, Stronger, Newly Redesigned Levels
Standard interior Osiris shelving is roomy enough for practically all components, at 21 inches wide by 21.25 inches deep (53 cm x 54 cm), and is available in deeper sizes for “oversized” components. Top “eXtended Top” levels are available, with greater surface area to accommodate even the largest turntables.
The new Osiris architecture increases rigidity, and its four-post system ensures great stability, strength, and ease of rear access to equipment connections.
Enhanced ISO Vertical Wave Isolation System
In addition to the Osiris’ EMI/RFI shielding, constrained-layer damped, laser-cut brushed stainless steel design, new “ISO” damped vertical isolation levels (usually implemented in the top level, but applicable to any level) are available to provide an extra dimension of precision, damped isolation without the “bounce” or transient bloating that comes with more common (and almost universally used) polymer-based isolation padding found in other isolation rack systems.
The ISO system, in conjunction with patented Rollerblock® Compound Isolation, gives dynamic, musical, unsurpassed sonic results with all types of components – from analog turntables to the heaviest monster amplifiers.

Improved Electrical Grounding of Components

Following the groundbreaking implementation of electrical grounding connections on each of the Isis’ stainless steel shelves, Osiris has expanded this capacity with three separate ground connections that utilize the shelves’ inherent EMI/RFI shielding ability by making a direct electrical connection to the component chassis – found on no other rack system.
Electrically grounding your components to each shelf, and the ability to ground the entire rack system to a dedicated earth ground adds another weapon in the battle against distortion.
All the innovative features of the Osiris system add together to make far more than just a subtle difference in the sound quality, musicality and performance of your audio or video.
Optional Solid OFC Leg System – another Industry Exclusive!
For those who demand the very best, we now offer an OFC solid copper leg option. “OFC” stands for “Oxygen Free Copper” and offers unsurpassed natural mechanical transmission efficiency for state of the art mechanical grounding. Bass accuracy, imaging specificity, dynamics, timbral purity, and more are affected by this critical aspect of rack design. Wood legs or hollow metal or chrome-plated steel tubing are more common, inexpensive alternatives and are less effective because of their reduced transmission efficiency in the critical mechanical ground connection. Also, filling hollow legs with lead shot or sand does not improve mechanical grounding, since this only damps leg resonance, something that isn’t a problem with self-damped solid aluminum or copper legs.
Do not confuse solid copper legs with “copper plated” legs which may be available elsewhere; solid copper is markedly superior to merely plated legs in all aspects of rack performance.
Each OFC leg section is hand polished to a lustrous finish which brings out its natural color, and then is “sealed” to prevent darkening or discoloration.
Value, Innovation, Reliability
The Osiris represents an extraordinary departure from the conventional, but one which has been forged in our more than 20 years of experience in the study, design and execution of practical vibration control solutions. Symposium customers around the world know our products provide the best value for the dollar, since they routinely outperform competing products which cost two or three times as much, or more. The intrinsic value of the materials alone in any Osiris (or Isis) rack exceeds the majority of all equipment racks – and even some that cost twice as much – or more. Regardless of price at any level, the Osiris will outperform them in the ways that matter to the true music lover, by bringing you closer to the original sound than any other rack system possibly can.
The Osiris is our flagship rack system, and every part of it is made with attention to detail and pride. Can we design one for you? For further information or pricing on the Osiris, please call or email Symposium direct during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, Eastern Time. We’ll be happy to work up a free diagram for the needs of your system. And remember, since the Osiris, like the Isis before it, is a completely modular rack system, you’ll be able to modify it as your requirements may change throughout the years.