Most of the time high-end audio companies are contacting me for test and reviews, but here and there my mind pin point something, that triggers my inner sensors with the red alert. Synaestec Audio Fulcrum ultimate preamplifier captured my attention lately and both Fulcrum and flagship Saxum power amplifier are coming at Mono and Stereo in late September! 

Here are few of the exclusive photos of Fulcrum. There are a lot of unique approaches, that are hidden to the eye, but more about these later on. Externally, you can easily spot special suspension feet, that are acting as both horizontal and vertical dampers (rubber springs) and the thick aluminum enclosure, that perform the duties of the giant heatsink.

More to come soon, so do stay tuned. Am I excited!? Yes, highly as Fulcrum was designed from ground up as an upper echelon solid state preamplifier. 
Many of you asked me about the pricing, so here are the retail prices:
Fulcrum: 30.000 euro
Fulcrum phono: 36.000 euro
Saxum: 45,000 euro

Below are high-resolution photos…