T + A SPEAKER HEX speakers cables NEW

German high-end company T + A just revealed their all new series of cables. SPEAKER HEX represents their own speakers cables. T + A use high-purity oxygen-free copper OFC with highest purity levels in different strengths.T + A NEW cables brings very good neutrality over complete frequency range and low inductance. With the right combination of resistance (cable material), inductance and capacitance (construction and insulation), T + A achieved ideal damping gradients, that are prerequisite for a homogeneous sound perfomrance. The Speaker Hex have a large cross-section of six twisted/braided PE monofilament copper wires and an antistatic coat with admixed antistatic agent, that give the cable the carboxylic staining and reduce the surface resistance significantly. Solid aluminium barrels with integrated RF ferrite forms the connectors with BFA banana plugs or alternatively to the Spades cable lugs with high-quality rhodium-plated surface.