Taiko Audio Extreme Router

Housed in the same beautiful 22 x 22 x 5 cm / 9 x 9 x 2 inch solid copper chassis as the Taiko Audio Extreme Switch, the Taiko Audio (€6,000.00) Extreme Router yields a significant lowering of noise by controlling the amount and flow of data on the network. A basic setup would be for the user to connect the Extreme Music Server to a generic router directly or via a generic network switch. This setup can be upgraded by adding the Taiko Audio Extreme Network Card and Extreme Network Switch to achieve a significant improvement in Sound Quality. 

To raise the bar even further, the user can add the Extreme Router to create an audio exclusive (isolated) network unimpaired by typical home network processes and traffic.
The Router has a single WAN (“input”) network port which connects to your home network to provide internet access for the audio network. It has 3 separately configurable outputs, one of which connects to your music server or, preferably, the Extreme Switch. the 2 others can be used for additional desired connectivity, such as for example a dedicated wifi Access Point and/or a wired control computer.
All networking parameters can be defined and thus allow full control over the data stream being delivered to the Taiko Audio Extreme Switch and/or Extreme Music Server.


  • One SFP port that can accept a DAC cable.
  • 4 RJ45 ports of which 3 can be used when the DAC port is enabled.
  • The Router can be used to create a separate Audio-only network in series with (connected downstream of) your Internet Service Provider-supplied modem/router or any other router.
  • Serve as a NAS (for music storage), 2 external USB drives can be connected.


A standard wall-wart power supply is included but the Router will sound better with a higher-end power supply. The ultimate solution would be to add the optional new to be released Extreme DC Power Distributor. This allows you to power both the Extreme Switch and Router from the same power supply while offering improved performance over 2 separate power supplies, especially when using a DAC cable to connect the Extreme Router to the Extreme Switch.