For some audiophiles technical brain TBP-Zero/ EX-monaural power amplifiers seamlessly blends the best attributes of tube and solid state worlds. Take a look is at the innards of these exotic Japanese amplifiers… Handcrafted in Japan only with specially selected Japan-made parts.

Rated output power: 350w/8 ; 700w/4 ; 1400w/2 
Frequency response: DC to 100kHz (± 0.2dB at 1W)
Circuitry: Fully balanced (BTL)
Power transistor: Bipolar transistor
Cooling system: Natural air radiation
Input terminal: Cannon 3P connector
Input impedance: 3.6k  (balanced); 1.8k  (unbalanced)
Input sensitivity: 1.76Vrms
Gain: 29.8dB
Damping factor: 550 Approx.
Distortion: 0.02% max./8  at rated power from 20Hz to 20kHz Protection circuit: DC detector; overload detector
Additional functions: Stand-by mode; circuit breaker for AC line guard
General Information
Colour: Silver or Japanese lacquered black (special order)
Body: Aluminum
Power requirement: AC100/117V 50/60Hz
Size: 346 x 250 x 600mm (13.62 x 9.84 x 23.62inches)
Weight: 65kg approx. (143.3lbs approx.) x 2
Handcrafted in Japan only with specially selected Japan-made parts

Thanks Ruslan