Geoff Merrigan of Tellurium q just sent in an email with announcing the New Black II Speaker Cable. Anyone wanting of stepping into potent universe of Tellurium Q cabling, have now chance at highly affordable price point – £54.  

“So why Black II? Despite Black winning multiple awards, surprising owners with it’s performance and more people than ever choosing to use it in their systems, why change a winning formula? Tellurium Q® have been learning and developing, especially in the last few years and have come up with a way to make this little gem even better.
Switch Black for Black II and they say, it is completely obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, Tellurium Q tell us that it is also completely obvious why they felt compelled to upgrade the Black in the way that they have and share this development with their customers.”
At only £54 UK retail, It gives a better listening experience looking exactly like Black but sounds significantly improved with better detail, range and more body and separation.”