Telos Audio Quantum Magnetic Tuning demagnitizer NEW

“The whole new design of QMT combines Telos Quantum Burning Technology (QBT) and Quantum Acoustic Diffuser (QAD) technique to become a new 0-100Khz magnetic radiator. The QMT evens up the magnetic field of your audio equipment, improving overall details and ambience. There are also programmable time interval settings enables tuning flexibility.

All your audio equipments such as CD, earphone or cables are benefited from QMT.

Traditional demagnetizer only uses fixed 60Hz frequency with narrow magnetic field, whereas QMT has wide bandwidth 0-100khz and wider magnetic field area thus improves tuning efficiency.
The QMT are wireless and powered with 15000mAh lithium battery, can go up to 800 times of demagnetizing process with 10 seconds interval. Fully machined aluminium body with fine designed charging architecture and battery power indicator to ensure consistent output performance. Carefully selected button position plus high efficiency RISC architecture microprocessor for design flexibility to gain better user experience.”