After building finest tonearms for ten years, Micha Huber contributes all experience into a new piece of art: The THALES STATEMENT. Based on the famous correction-mechanism for tangential pivoted tracking, the tonearm stands out with the following features:  

Optimized mechanical energy-flow and new materials for more dynamic sound
 – Arm-tubes and headshell made of special aluminium alloy with the strength of steel but 10 times higher internal damping
 – Arm-tubes curved for maximum rigidness 
 – Bearing unit completely capsuled to increase the mechanical rigidity up to 100x 
 – Elliptic shaping of base parts to increase critical contact surfaces 
 – Ruthnium coating on bearing- and base-parts to increase the damping properties  
Optimized electrical shielding properties
 – All arm-parts golden- (for gold version) or rhodium-coated (for silver version) 
 – New bearing technology to ensure low-impedance connection points from base to head  
 – New fine-adjustment-mechanism for more preciseness 
 – Fine adjustment device for VTA with 1/10mm scale 
 – Fine adjustment device for Azimuth with 1/3° scale 
 – Advanced clamping mechanism inside installation-ring to allow on-fly adjustment  

mounting distance: 230mm 
tracking error: 0,006° eff. 
length: 229mm eff. 
mass: 24g offset angle: 8…19° 
cartridge weight: 7…20g