The Audio Heaven

Frederic Oudin – High-End Audio Consultancy’s latest audiophile adventure. On his latest visit, he is visiting an old customer he has been serving for eight years. The customer has just purchased Altec Lansing loudspeakers with improved Duelund capacitors. The latest cherry on the cake is the Arya Audio Labs Air BladeHype super-tweeter. 

Amplification is entrusted to LampizatOr. Flagship models include the Lampizat0r Pacific preamplifier, Pacific DAC, and power amplifiers. All 211 tubes have been replaced with Elrog and Takatsuki.

The client has an excellent library and music collection, both vinyl and CD.

The latest upgrade was the Oswalds Mill Audio Cast Iron SP19 Plinth System, tonearms from Schoeder and Kuzma, and DS Audio ION001. CD Playback is via AQUA Acoustic AquaLaDiva CD transport.