The Bespoke Audio Company ultimate silver passive preamplifier ordered

I’ve been beaten by The Bespoke Audio Company from when they’ve bring and left their passive preamplifier good year and half back for test and review. 
Since then I’ve been in constant contemplation regarding its addition to my reference setup. Passive? Well, there are more then one reason for that… 
First and foremost. Having the utmost transparent preamplifier comes as mandatory for a reviewer. With constant rotation of review product I’ve seen a strong need of such via medium.
There is no such thing as ultimate purity, but The Bespoke Audio Company preamplifier comes as close as possible to the straight wire gain logic from what I’ve heard so far. As the 21st century products are stepped on the ultimate resolution quest path I’ve have my strong set of attributes objectifying my decision. 
Model I’ve reviewed came as 0 db version. This might suit many out there, but for my particular situation I’ve added the 6 dB option. My trusty reference Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier shares the exact gain and over the years I’ve learned that gain acting around 6-8 dB made best case scenario. Well, at least for me. 
My custom tailored The Bespoke Audio company silver ultimate version will come with silver wound transformers, silver wiring, silver connectors, +6dB, front panel insert disk, gold plated brass cowls, gold braid for lacing etc. I’ve even went with the Japanese source naming labels that will match the spirit of my Robert Koda Takumi K-10. There is no rivalry in play. Both of the preamps will sit side by side!

This is not just an investment for my reference tool of trade, but also a personal ecstatic purchase. I’ve been around long enough to witness very different kind of approaches to the manufacturing and dealing with the customers (being of of them nonetheless). Let me say it out loudly and bold. Ordering and going through the process of buying The Bespoke Audio Company preamplifier is nothing I’ve experienced so far and I do believe  happy owners of this preamplifier do share my thoughts. The same dedication was exhibited even with the test/demo preamp and that left an unforgettable impact on me.
The Bespoke Audio company team understood from the start, that high-end audio is moving (and has already moved) to the luxury industry. Prices are nor cheap nor affordable and quickly reaching out to the Patek Philippe, BMW 5 series, Ferrari or small real-estate plane. Thats the reality.

This is my chosen color scheme
The era of typical audiophiles are gone. Most of the people that could afford mid priced systems sadly cannot follow the new level of prcing due to the globalization impact. Thats the reality, either we all like it or not. 
Make no mistakes. The present potential customer is used to the dealings of the luxury industry. From the packaging, customer service, communication, apreciation, following up etc. On that subject matter I’m wholeheartedly agree with Ken Kessler… Our industry lacks professionalism. Period. There are bright examples, yet still the mechanics need to be updated and upgraded. In the long run, I do not see a foreseeable future for many manufacturers charging extreme prices without following this exact business model. 
Along with state of the art sonic experience, anyone is mandatory entitled to the perfection on every step. Especially with the hefty price tags being charged.  
The Bespoke Audio Company is an exemplary proof that hard work, dedication and fanatic attention to every detail do matter. And if you’ve met Harry, Lucy and Andrew you know what I mean when, say that I wish there were more of such positive, pin pointing and hard working people striving for excellency on every step. On top of it they are super friendly earthlings.

442 components, 1,6 km of winding wire, 55 m of hook up wire
It’s my pleasure to support such people and ventures and I’m looking forward to share my gradual excitements with ordered preamplifier. It will take much more time as usually, as I’ve requested few of my own bespoke twists :), but I’ll share all the steps of the production via my upcoming articles to give you all the insights on how things are done at this unique, exuberant British ultra high-end venture.
Following the reviews, the reference system is second most visited page on the Mono and Stereo. This tells a lot and thats one of the reason I’ve invested (and investing) in some serious gear. Not to exhibit my sole ego trip, but to reach out back to the industry by showing support and try staying at the certain level of solid reference components. Too many reviewers are in constant change of the gear and they rather prefer showing up they expensive cars and toys then investing into the high-end audio gear. That not only brings up a second guessing of the proper motivation, but also spotlights the sad reality of affairs. 
For me, its a duty and obligation to show respect to our beloved industry and I do want to give the realistic and objective translation of where any product coming in for a review actually stands. Without the tools of trade too often where only experiences a philosophical debates…
Stay tuned…  
Matej Isak
Below are few examples of the different back panel configurations…