The Bespoke Audio Company ultimate silver preamplifier update

Another exciting update from Harry O’Sullivan of The Bespoke Audio Company. As it looks, my preamplifier will dispatch on Monday, or Tuesday at the latest!
Internal audio wiring is laced, fully tested and is now effectively a functioning preamplifier (albeit without and proper ground arrangements) as shown on the 3D model. 

The next stage is to assemble the case parts and begin to transfer the parts from 3D printed model into my case, before starting final testing and listening. My transformers are being “burned in” at every opportunity while they’re not being worked on.

Other photos are showing the casework in the jig, used to bolt the casework together and make sure everything is perfectly lined up. Internal parts are transferred into the case and all gold plated trims are fitted, so it’s very nearly ready, just some final testing to go…