There was a great response about the AudioSolutions Anniversary edition Vantage speakers yesterday. Gediminas Gaidelis shares more about the new speaker line and AudioSolutions’ future perspectives…
Gediminas Gaidelis writes: I would like to inform media and readers about some changes in company AudioSolutions. What will be different in AudioSolutions Company? I would like to start with the name of company. AudioSolutions. The name itself is very simple yet surrounding a lot. We want to fulfill this name so there would be not only “speaker”Solutions, but also “wire”Solutions, “amplifier”Solutions, “acoustic material”Solutions and many more which fits under name AudioSolutions. 

Yes, you are right AudioSolutions will become real solutions for audio lovers. Our plans include manufacturing our wires and power amplifiers. This shall be done during this year. For further year we are planning to launch our DSP products along with preamplifier, also audio files digital player from SSD discs, also room acoustic enhancers will be designed and manufactured by us.

This will include products for home use and professional use (recording studios, home cinema’s, public places). Our target is that company becomes simple answer for people seeking good products from one hand. There is a lot of people who would like to enjoy quality music but they simply do not have time or knowledge to pursuit their dream. It is just too expensive and too time consuming to try different amplifiers, different wires etc. We will give for customer real solution – a complete set designed by us for people. This way they can be assured that they purchases products which are perfectly balanced. 
Information about new speaker line Vantage
As You may already know Vantage is our flagship speaker for already three years. During these years Vantage gained some very good reviews, and received four international awards! Furthermore Vantage is always center of attention in audio shows because of great sound, great price and great quality of cabinet and labor. It was wonderful three years plus additional three years in creation of these beauties but It is time to move forward. 
During these years company AudioSolutions adopted some new technologies and manufacturing techniques which allows AudioSolutions to manufacture much more precise and more unique products. Yes Rhapsody, discontinued Euphony, Vantage, Guimbarde was a really good classic looking products which was loved by many. However the time has come to give AudioSolutions products fresh look, a completely new design perspective which goes along with our new manufacturing techniques. 
I must announce that we are not discontinuing classic Vantage. Instead, we will continue production of this wonderful speaker for no limit time yet. It is magnificent product for very reasonable price if one takes speaker scale and details in mind. 
So what was the idea about changing Vantage from classy gentleman in luxury suit to middle aged wealthy man in sports shoes and convertible? Well, actually I wasn’t happy that our products might be similar to some other brand products. This is bad from the roots because dealers then start to sell our product as “cheaper alternative”. In other words the same sound quality, cabinet quality and visual quality only for smaller money. This attracts different people than it should really attract; people who are looking for lower price segment speakers don’t appreciate nor understand quality they receive and on the other hand people who can afford luxury items and looking for quality don’t give attention for product because it is offered as cheaper alternative…This actually is a catch 22 the loop keeps spinning.  So I decided that we have to adopt new techniques, new tools to manufacture completely different speakers than other. After all we do have some things to be proud of where other manufacturers don’t have such things like Anti-scratch surfaces. Even for cheapest line we offer anti-scratch gloss finishes.  Our unique texture paint which is fingerprint resistant and also anti-scratch. 
Exclusively large finish options even for our cheapest Overture line – 14! Don’t forget our “stealth” covers for drivers where whole front baffle changes in order not to create additional distortion due to reflection from cover frame and many more. So I decided to start design and manufacture some specific unique parts like phase inverters, or speaker feet. Also I felt like all audio business is stalling in one and the same spot where the same materials and techniques are used – wood veneer on squared cabinet or paints on MDF or very cost and time effective artificial leather. 
I myself am 30yrs old – young guy. So I thought it is time to bring some fresh air here and this is what happened. First we designed a concept Vantage which clearly shows our emotions and our future design stream. Then we redesigned concept to usable models which is not so arrogant and aggressive, rather calm and stylish with a little bit of….orange ☺ Main material differences is that we are giving up leather because it is old and too widely used and overused by many. 
Despite fact that it saves a lot of time and money we will not use it again except on Vantage Classic. Instead I decided to risk and start using ultra high quality vinyl tapes. On 5th Anniversary Vantage back of speaker is covered in hexa-shaped vinyl. It looks good, stylish, and futuristic and no one can make such effect on surface with paints or other techniques. This is fantastic new perspective which opens new horizons. This vinyl tape is bloody expensive but surface actually is tougher than paint or leather! Another main adopted thing is that we owning two mass production purpose 3D PRINTERS. Yes we print speakers. ☺ We print most our parts for 5th Anniversary Vantage. 
Most community saw cheap 3d printers for couple of hundred bucks, trust me, you saw nothing. This is professional closed case machines high precision cnc modules with extremely high precision finished parts. This thing is crazy as it sounds – we now can modify any part in-house in couple of hours and test that part immediately. This opens not new horizons but interstellar space itself! And best thing is – it is environment friendly process and materials are fully recyclable. 3D printing allows us to make very complicated parts where cnc machining aluminum would be too costly or impossible at all due to complexity of part. Its actually the future.
Facts about new Vantage line:
There will be two options :
Ordinary looking Vantage
5th Anniversary edition Vantage in two color options:
Our original texture black paint with orange outlines and hexa-texture vinyl
Our original texture white paint with orange outlines and hexa-texture vinyl
Vantage line will have six models
  • Vantage C – center channel 2*6.5” bass, 2*6” our original mid drivers, 1*1” soft dome in mini-horn loading
  • Vantage B – bookshelf with stand 1*8” sub-bass, 1*6” our original mid driver, 1*1” soft dome in mini-horn loading
  • Vantage S – smallest floor stander  1*8” sub, 2*5.25” bass, 1*5” our original mid driver, 1*1” soft dome in mini-horn loading
  • Vantage M – middle floor stander 1*10” sub, 2*6.5” bass, 1*6” our original mid driver, 1*1” soft dome in mini-horn loading
  • Vantage L – largest floor stander 1*12” sub, 2*8” bass, 1*8” our original mid driver, 1*1” soft dome in mini horn loading
  • Vantage SUB – active subwoofer with stacking one on top another ability 1*12” sub in closed enclosure.

Our self-locking cabinet technique.
More rigid structure with denser internal skeleton
Custom high-velocity phase inverter tubes
Custom mini-horn loading for tweeter
Better tweeter alignment to listeners position
Mid and Tweeter level adjustments on back of speaker
Subwoofers firing down (including bookshelf model)
Completely new and unique eye-catching design 
Top quality paper cone drivers
Midrange covering region 200-8000Hz
bi-wiring binding posts for all models (Vantage M will have tri-wiring)
Tons of power and full scale sound