The Classic Mobile Fidelity Jewel Case rediscovered

“We recently uncovered a small stash of Lift-Lock cases in our warehouse! Availability is limited and we expect them to sell out very quickly! 

The Mobile Fidelity Lift-Lock Jewel Case is by far the finest jewel box ever designed! The locking mechanism of the jewel box literally locks the disc in place without putting all the pressure on the spindle hole of the disc. Don’t you hate it when you go to open a standard jewel box and the disc flies out and hits the floor? So do we! Mobile Fidelity pioneered this jewel box 20 years ago and its still the finest in the world! No more plastic teeth breaking off the spindle area of your jewel boxes! All standard CD artwork will fit, so protect all your valuable discs by replacing those cheap original jewel boxes with the world’s best!”

Link: here.