The glorious sound of an All Tube Audio System!

Our friend Stefano Bertoncello set his priorities straight even when too much gear seem to take the pace…
Yesterday afternoon, a lazy, super lazy rainy saturday afternoon, I connected the mighty Revox/De Paravicini’s G-36 High Speed to Thomas Mayer/Cunningham CX-310 Line stage and Partridge 300B mono blocks, straight to the Cabasse Dinghy 221… listened to some master dubs and… well, Baron De Paravicini made something on this machine!
The sound is so perfect… lots of details that also MUCH more expensive, famous and sought after open-reels cannot beat… getting near, but not beat, period!
So, to anyone interested in purchasing this very one-of-a-kind G-36 on steroids, as I stupidly advertised on the recent Spring Yard Sale… thanks for your interest and feedback, but the recorder stays with me.
… yes, Norman, you’re right: never sell something you like only because you have too many gears… you’ll regret this for rest of your life… and this is the case.
People asking for rebates, dreamers, wannabes, time-wasters.. no, thank you!
Premium audio is for tough people, only… and this G 36 is too good to let it go;-)
The beauty of a full tube system is something seldom heard, folks: the sense of rightness is amazing… everything is so quick, natural and smooth.

Lesson of the day – will not mix Mayer’s triodes preamps with Hiragas’, anymore… write it 100 times on the blackboard, Bart… ahem, Stefano.
Thanks to my friend Norman S. for empathy.
I owe you a beer, pal.