Imagine sitting in the sweet spot with a Remote Control that Controls your VTA with just a push of a button. Your eyes closed. Dial your SRA,VTA with .001 at a time up or down. Arm Pod with dial indicator / SRA Head Shells / Computerized Precision DC Motor, Ceramic Bearing and tolerance that are .000050 Millionths.

* Proprietary amount of 24k gold plated giving the arm a magnificent sound! Each arm is sound tested for a true note pitch, this is the difference in the music. Pitch Perfect! 

* Designed with true geometry.

* Azimuth adjust at the rear of the arm wand. Specially designed tool for fine adjustment.

* The Gold Mongoose Includes different angled SRA Head Shells.
for the Perfect 92 degree setup.

* 3 other Half Moon Heavy Weight sizes are Included. Designed for cartridge weights of 6 gm up to 16 gm.

* Ultra fine ,one touch tracking force adjustment.

* One Touch Cartridge Over Hang on the Fly Alignment. Go from Lofgren Baerwald to Stevenson on the FLY.

* Special proprietary bearings. 

* The Gold Mongoose Tonearm is unmatched in stability. Has a 2″ wide yoke from bearing to bearing. 

* Wired with Expressimo Audio’s exclusive proprietary 99.99% Purity Silver wire. 

* You also get a special designed Indicator arm wand. This allows you to indicate from Arm pod to the top of the platter. A level is for a carpenter not a precision setup. Expressimoaudio is a Master Tool Maker. Making custom tooling

* Gold Mongoose is Direct Coupled to Delrin.
The Gold Mongoose Tonearm is uniquely designed like no other tonearm. The Gold Mongoose Tonearm has zero tracking force when moving the VTA. That is what gives Expressimo Audio the ability to design a tonearm with the remote control SRA, VTA, that gives you, in real time on the fly movement.
How you ask? Science and Geometry. There is another force that’s rarely talked about and that is the vector force. This is the rotation of the platter, the down force of the cartridge and the placement of the pivot point. When you have the pivot point above the platter your tonearm gets pushed up.Tracking force is lost in the groove. With the Gold Mongoose Tonearm which has zero tracking force when moving the VTA we have eliminated that problem and you now have the ability to use a remote control arm pod from your sweet spot, REAL TIME ON THE FLY. Pure true science and geometry.
Neutral balance means no zeroing of the tonearm. Mongoose doesn’t have a “see-sawing” affect. The Gold Mongoose Tonearm always tracks in the perfect place in the vinyl. Now you will hear the right spatial ques, the right placement , space , depth, and air between the instruments. A center that will blow you away.
The main Effective Length is 12″ × 25.4 = / 304.8mm
Effective Mass 9 grams for the Gold Mongoose
Each Cartridge manufacturer has different lengths to the cantilever. They cant even get the Stylus on at 92 degree.
Expressimo has the Tooling to get the Effective Length precise. The tooling comes with the tonearm and arm pod. Effective Length and the Over hang must be correct.