The New TIDAL For BUGATTI MP-1 Preamplifier

After all the buzz surrounding the TIDAL for Bugatti’s first public showcase of Royale and MC-1 at Munich High-End Audio Show 2023, Janzcak stirred my curiosity and interest even further with the Steve Jobs-style “one more thing.” There is another product in the TIDAL for Bugatti pipeline: the MP-1, an all-out assault on the state-of-the-art analog front end with a matching cost-no-object phono stage, already splendidly implemented with TIDAL Audio Presencio and Prisma preamplifiers, but with the MP-1 taken to the nth degree.

The pre-production unit has just landed at Mono & Stereo, with the full write-up coming up in due time, just to hint, I’m savouring every aspect of this engineering masterpiece that comes with unapologetic presence, unreserved dynamism, and ultra transparency, which holds you in the very heart of the music.
Stay tuned for more…