The Nordost QRT QKore6 impact!

By each upcoming year, more and more audiophiles and music lovers are getting curious and interested about the grounding and ground boxes. The subtle noise universe is very peculiar but the performance shift can really make a grander impact when it’s executed properly. I’ve already tried a few different solutions in my reference system and the perceptive sonic differences really varied.

When Alex Brady from Nordost asked me if I want to explore the grounding realms with the Nordost QRT QKore6 grounding unit I’ve more than happily obliged. I’ve expected that QKore6 will be simply shipped out as it’s the usual procedure, but, no… Alex took the time and personally visit me. He wanted me to hands-on tryout QRT QKore6, hear the difference and then pick up my mind if I want to pursue it further with my exploration.

This is the real professional way of conducting things and I really respect and like the way the Nordost conducted this endeavor.

We went through nuts and bolts and tried all of the different implementation and applications with Alex and the result was nothing I’ve expected. Only in one situation, we both were not completely sure of the vivid step up in the performance, but in all other connections with my reference gear, the performance step up was not even funny. Yes the QRT QKore6 introduces a major step up the impact that yours truly didn’t really expected. I’m always trying to act upon the voice of the reason, but if the sonic quality in enhanced so profoundly it’s my duty to be objective and report objectively.

Nordost QRT QKore6 ground unit opens up the new horizons within the well balanced high-end audio system. While I can honestly understand that many audiophiles and music lovers will have some reservations with this kind of accessory I’m warmly recommending the audition and insertion of QRT QKore6 within your beloved audio system. It surely changed my paradigm and perception of the finer and refined dealings with the complex world on noise and electrical hubris.