Pure Emotion Audio speakers 1.0 (75.000 €) comes with four 12 inch chassis per side, handmade Zirben-wood cabinet, 76,5 cm – 30 inch composite-horn with 1,5” beryllium mega-shield driver. free choice of paint/colour on horn, for 24 carat gold version. This system runs only active and  need 2 bass amps + 1 horn amp + 1 regulator to operate.

“As a notice, we ́d like to point out, that even the reference market leading Constructors of Horn Systems, are still using TAD drivers/chassis which hasn ́t simply changed over the years in Developing. Well, we don ́t…… It is our firm conviction that our signature class products do not deserve the use of a 40-year old technology.

When designing a new Horn, it is our credo to think everything over, take nothing for granted, check every rule that someone said has been carved in stone. Therefor our horn- drivers are completely new developed and designed by ourselves, using only newest and most advanced technologies combined with only the most suitable materials.

Every single peace, Driver, Horn, Cabinet, is hand made.”