The real magic of the high end

I just witnesses again something that clearly reminded me about why I like and love high quality reproduction of the music so much. Having a privilege of spinning some vinyl during the show gives a great opportunity to meet different people. During one of the listening mid aged couple set down and enjoyed highly Nat King Cole and Getz Gilberto playing on vinyl to the full satisfaction. Seeing how music affected them positively lighted my fir to the best possible plane. This is what we’re forgetting to often in high end audio. Musical reproduction carry an emotional and such grand cultural impact and sharing great music with others is in a way an altruistic endeavor of the utmost importance. If we can by our sharing invite people to the wonderful and endless universe of music and touch their inner core I do believe we’re actually doing something very important and of great value on the scale of humanistic dealings. Music and high quality musical reproduction carry way more potency and importance that we’re giving it most of the time.