The Voice That Is TVTI Live/Vertere Event

A short video of the The Voice That Is TVTI Live/Vertere Event went off well yesterday. Active in the system was…

On the Ictra Design Proto AS Stand:

– Vertere Reference Groove (RG1) Turntable
– Vertere Reference Tonearm
On the Stillpoints ESS Rack:
– Vertere Magic Groove (MG1) Turntable 
– Vertere SG1 Tonearm
Common to both systems:
– the same Vertere Cartridge in both systems
– Vertere HB Cables (Power, XLR, RCA and Speaker)
– Vertere Phono1 phono stage
– TIDAL Preos Preamp (integrated phono stage not used)
– TIDAL Impulse Dual Mono Amplifier
– TIDAL Contriva Speakers
– Torus Power RM20
– StillPoints Aperture Panels
– ACS Tube Traps
The Vertere Dynamic Groove turntable was on static display as were a display of the different bearings for each table.
Doug White writes: “We were able to achieve good sound in the 21’ x 25’ x 10’ room having never set up there before. Touraj Moghaddam gave a great presentation using the Magic Groove and Reference Groove turntables throughout the event. Rick Mak explained the virtues of using the SmarTractor and his AnalogMagik software. Attendees seemed to really enjoy and appreciate the apparent talent as evidenced by their attentiveness and Q&A. A couple guys had never attended anything like this before and went out of their way to let me know that it was enjoyable and the best sound they’d ever heard.”