This would be interesting to partner with my Audio Union Döhmann Helix 1 turntable…
Design Build Listen writes: “The Wand is “Medium Mass” at 12.5g effective mass (15g for the 12in), so will work with most cartridges. Even a high compliance cartridge like a Shure V15Vx gives a measured resonance at 7Hz, so is ok.  At the other extreme, conventional low compliance cartridges work well. Arm/Cartridge matching is frequently over-stated, unless you have a system with massive bandwidth or insist on playing badly warped records, it shouldn’t be an issue. The Wand Unipivot Tonearm is available in three lengths: 9.5″, 10.3″ & 12″ and three specification levels, The Wand Classic, The Wand Plus and The Wand Master Series.”

The Wand® Tonearm Series 2 9.5, 10.3 & 12in models

  • 22mm diameter carbon-fibre tube is 4x stiffer than conventional arms.
  • Careful termination of arm vibrations. Solid machined 50mm Brass body.
  • Medium effective mass (13 to 16g) suits most cartridges.
  • Installation tool enabling 90% of the performance to be achieved quickly.
  • 9.5in is a drop in replacement for Rega geometry arms (25mm hole @~222mm).
  • 10.3in is the longest arm possible for Linn LP12 and Technics SL1200 family
  • 12in arm has 24% reduction in distortion. (25mm hole at 295mm from spindle)
  • SME, Technics, Thorens & Linn LP12 and Lenco mounting instructions.
  • Fitted weight ~500 to 850g (see P2). This is similar to SME 3009 / Linn Ittok.
  • Baerwald alignment (Fixed angle, adjustable overhang) Thread /weight antiskate.
  • US Patent Application; 29396989 Registered Design & Trademark

Other details
Cable; 900mm long, unscreened Cardas. 35pF per channel. (Separate earth). Master….ask. 
Mounting dimensions; Hole 1”/ 25mm diameter (23mm min). See P2 for distances
Cartridge Mounting / Alignment; 12.7mm centres. Fixed angle, adjustable overhang. (Baerwald) 
Total weight; ~500g for 9.5in, 535g for 10.3in and 550g for 12in)
Registered Design; The Wand Unipivot Tonearm is a Registered Design (NZ; 414494) and a Registered Trademark. Copyright is asserted on all components. US Pat Appln; 29396989