Theater Zuidplein by Studio RAP

The Theater Zuidplein implements Studio RAP’s unique solution to acoustics, using their propriety algorithms for the multi-faceted surfaces (thousands of triangles) calculated to distribute sound evenly over different parts of the hall. 

“The main shape of the acoustic walls is designed as a fluid embracement of the audience and stage. Necessary openings are made for entrances and stage lights. Installations are covered. The shape of the hall is analysed and divided in different areas. According to these areas the shape of the envelope is optimized. Because of the even spread of sound every visitor can have a great experience of the performance. 

Arup conducts acoustic analysis on multiple sound sources. The result is data about the local performance in the shape of a pointcloud. This results in more reflective and more scattering areas. Close to the speakers, at the front, the wall is made more absorbent to avoid undesirable reflections. 
The determined areas are translated to the design by applying different principles. The areas with ‘absorption’ and ‘scat- tering’ are more jagged then the parts which need to reflect. Small holes are embedded in the parts which need to be absorbent.” 
  • status Completed
  • location Zuidplein, Rotterdam
  • year 2020
  • client Hart van Zuid VOF
  • partners Aldowa, Arup
Photos credits: © Studio RAP