Thomas Mayer Ultimate Line Preamplifier, Part 2

This is all silver differential line preamplifier with smoked eucalyptus wood panels and graphite grey metallic transformer covers that Thomas considers as his ultimate preamplifier. The signal section is completely free of any capacitors, with four filament chokes under the transformer covers, whooping 14 silver transformers and chokes, silver volume controls AVCs, silver line output transformers, separate silver wound plate chokes for each tube and a separate pair of silver input transformers for each of the 3 inputs.
As with previous 10Y (special low microphonic version tube) line preamplifiers the power supply is completely separate and houses separate choke filtered filament supplies for both channels and a choke filtered B+ supply implementing full wave bridge arrangement with 4 6AX4 TV Damper tubes. You can also spot quad of 1602 tubes.

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