Three new speakers are launched at the beginning of the Peak Consult new era, being based upon the previous most successful speakers and their specific characteristics. Summing up 25 years of great values offers us a priceless DNA string to create these three new models. 


  • Sonora, a 2-way stand speaker with a passive radiator (25.000€). 
  • Sinfonia, a 3-way speaker (45.000€).
  • El Diablo, a 3-way speaker with double bass (55.000€).


The El Diablo is by far the most successful Peak speaker. In 2007, the US magazine Stereophile did an amazing review going in depths with the first version made.
The El Diablo has been constantly improved over the years with updated drivers, better cross-over components, new cabinet construction etc. The latest version in 2021 is a complete redesign of previous versions.
The cabinet, drivers and cross-over are significantly improved, and the speaker is now even more highly competitive among top High-End speakers worldwide. The Diablo is a real statement speaker in every listening room, regarding esthetics and foremost sublime musical performance.
Design and development process has had main priority to create the most balanced and natural reproduction at all listening levels. It plays the subtle orchestral strings in the same authentic way as it reproduces a full symphony orchestra or a hard rock band. The heavy and extremely well damped cabinet is equipped with a ported double bass configuration.
The special designed drivers in El Diablo are uncompromisingly reproducing all music from the highest tones to the lowest frequencies with uncompressed dynamic. The rigorous Peak cabinet construction yet again demonstrates its importance for realistic music reproduction.
The midrange is the most important driver rendering realistic and natural sound and the El Diablo midrange is especially developed to fulfill one of Peaks primary virtues, making the speaker disappear when listening to music. Through countless hours of listening, tweaking, and improving the 2021 midrange and separate cross-over, it now performs idealistically well together with the bass drivers and the tweeter, enhancing our goal to open the sound picture to the next level.
The Peak engineers have spent months with measurements and listening sessions to achieve a linear frequency response, optimizing the phase and transient response and level the impedance to perfection. The linear impedance is another true virtue of all Peak speak- ers. Linearity in the impedance cause an easy load for the amplifier and will have a positive effect in sound quality as the amplifier can show it ́s true and effortless potential. Peak has always put a lot of attention to this matter and constantly seek to endeavor for the perfect flat impedance curve.
The El Diablo signifies 25 years of experience in speaker development of the highest quality. Our vision has always been: No compromises and cost not object to warrant this to our cus- tomers: Experience Reality.


The Sinfonia is a 3-way full-grown floor-standing speaker. It offers the listener a great music experience in all categories of music.
The custom built 8” woofer in the Sinfonias well damped cabinet guarantees the true reproduction of the lowest organ pipes as well as fast dynamic jazz tracks and most challenging modern music. For Sinfonia the unique developed midrange comprises the important vocal range and makes the listening to a symphonic orchestra to a breathtaking experience. A soft dome grants a very smooth and realistic high frequency reproduction without any disturbing sharp sounds.
The solid and heavy cabinet is created in a 3-layer 30mm sandwich construction covered by a layer of 14mm solid American walnut. A black acrylic panel polished to piano excellence on each side gives the speaker an elegant look and reduces resonances. The weight of 75 kg underlines how serious the cabinet concept is. One of the key focus points in the Peak speaker technology is to reduce resonances as far as ever possible, cost no object.
Our skilled artisans spend than 80 hours with each set of speakers to ensure the mechanical and acoustical perfection. As all cabinet are manufactured in Peaks speaker workshop it al- lows a much more detail orientated approach than in an industrial cabinet factory. Consequent and meticulous development of ultra high-end speakers needs professional measurements as well as countless listening session. Even the most perfect measured speaker might not sound good. The human ear can differentiate the smallest distortion, coloration, and phase problem in the music reproduction. In the Peak demo room, we listen a lot! The crossover components in Peak speakers are very specific and selected in endless listening tests.
The Sinfonia crossover is mounted in the base of the speaker being acoustically isolated from the drivers. Argento terminals assures the perfect connection to the amplifier without limitations. As in all Peak speakers the impedance of the Sinfonia is leveled to a flat curve thus being an easy load allowing your amplifier to show its full potential.
Sinfonia is the choice for true music lovers listening to various music genres and choosing speakers that are second to none in quality and performance.


The Sonora is entry level into the world of Peak. With Sonora you will experience music as it was recorded! According to Peak philosophy no sound character is added, we strive to present you with no more than a perfect realistic tonal balance within the entire frequency spectrum.
The Sonora is a two-way floor standing speaker with a passive radiator design. It has the same footprint as a bookshelf speaker on a stand. Due to its perfectly build cabinet together with the passive radiator design, it offers a much deeper and more precise bass response accompanied with remarkable bass dynamics. The crossover is 100% separated acoustically to avoid any unwanted microphonic effects.
Many audiophiles find Two-way speakers very attractive as they are much less critical to listening room acoustics than large 3- or 4-way speakers. The crossover design in a two-way speaker is much simpler as well as phase and time alignment between drivers are less critical. The Sonora crossover is created with only the best components, cost no object!
The Sonora enchants the listener with “live music experience” and a broad and open sound stage. The impedance of the speaker is leveled why this speaker is a comfortable partner for most amplifiers. Classical music and Jazz are reproduced pleasantly in the most natural and balanced way. Human voices sound truly natural.
At the same time, without increased distortion, all sorts of modern music can be enjoyed even at high volume. The Sonora is the perfect all-round speaker and due to the slim de- sign, it ́s easily placed in most listening rooms.