“Strength, Dynamics and Spirit – these are just a few characteristics to desribe the TONeART Revelation 1 Amplifier. Never before had been put so much focus on the mechanics of an amplifier, and that you can hear. The highly developed electronics packed into about 60 kilograms of aluminum opens a new world in music reproduction. One of the key features of this master piece is the “Powerblock-Technology”. The whole electronic system is equipped with power blocks to eliminate resonances, vibrations and oscillations. In addition, every single circuit board is attached to a machined aluminum mount and clamping fixture to provide the best possible mechanical properties for the electronic circuits. Especially the powerful and for two channels separated power supply attracts attention to the viewer due to its very big power blocks.”

“The building of an amplifier unit is a prolonged and complex process in our manufactory in Austria. All parts are crafted together, wired by hand with purpose-built cables that meet our specifications, and harmonized by our specialists following our patented build-up process. In the construction process we use especially for our use developed transformers, our own capacitors and custom-built resistors. A uniquely developed protection circuit secures the unit from overvoltage at the start and significantly extends the lifetime of the device.  The efficient stereo composition can only be topped by the mono-version of this amplifier.

These features and details provide that the TONeART Revelation 1 Power Amplifier is absolutely outstanding worldwide. Because of its sophisticated manufacturing process and the resulting sound this device opens the gate to a new and unknown level of listening to music.”