Totaldac At Munich High end show 2023

Totaldac writes: “The Totaldac system is ready for the Munich High end show 2023! Be welcome in Atrium 4.1 room F123 to listen to it, playing local files or Qobuz streaming. It is composed exclusively of Totaldac components except some cables.” 


-d1-player music server
-d1-streamer-sublime as RoonReady endpoint
-d1-digital-sublime reclocker
-d1-sublime DAC
-UP12 AES-EBU cables
-d1-driver-mk2 preamp monoblocs
-Amp-1-mk2 amplifier monoblocs used in unbalanced mode
-d100%wood speakers with super-tweeter option
-sub-d100 subwoofer controlled by an Amp-1-mk2 monobloc
-Echole Infinity interconnects, speaker cables and power cords