Totaldac d1-driver – the amplifier driver!

Many of you asked me to write more about a particular audio setup where the DAC is directly driving the power amplifiers. This is more and more used and preferred, simplified combination for many of the audiophiles and music lovers.

In most situations, the reality strikes hard when it comes to the proper gain distribution. In absence of gain synergy, the result is lifeless, un-involving and dynamically suppressed sonic performance, that has little to do with any high-end audio designation. 

Totaldac d1-driver (the amplifier driver) is the latest clever product from Vincent Brient. It was designed to be used between DAC and power amplifier, or even before the line preamplifier. The main idea of d1-driver follows the quest for lowest noise and the most friendly volume control from a Totaldac DAC remote.
Stay tuned for the write up where I’ll dig deeper in the differentiation of my reference Totaldac d1-Direct DAC with and without d1-driver; vs d1-seven DAC performance. I’ll also explore the d1-driver implementation in various system combinations with different preamplifiers (active/passive) and DACs.   
Stay tuned…