Totaldac Sublime Amplifier And Driver

“A new amplifier and the matching driver have just been released by Totaldac. The Amp-1-sublime is the new Totaldac reference amplifier, using solid state components exclusively.

The triode stage used in the previous generation of Amp-1 is now upgraded by an innovating transistor gain stage, using very low component count (all discrete) and no global feedback.

A very high voltage (240Vdc) is used to give the maximum dynamic to the signal and its power supply is based on a discrete regulator as well. The circuit uses 0.01% VAR Bulk Metal® Foil resistors from Vishay in the critical voltage gain stage.

The gain stage is then followed by an equally innovating and powerful transistor buffer, using no global feedback as well.

This design combines no global feedback, low noise (0.2mVrms), high gain (33dB), high bandwidth (400KHz) and high current (driving 1ohm) thanks to its 2500VA/25kg live-power transformer.

These characteristics produce a transparent, fast, live and natural sound without harshness and at the same time with punch and weight in bass.
The Amp-1-sublime amplifier is available as stereo amplifier with RCA inputs or as fully balanced monobloc with XLR input.

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A new d1-driver is also released to perfectly match the quality of this new amplifier.
The d1-driver-sublime has no volume control because it relies on the DAC volume control but in case the complete system gain is too high (DAC + amp + speakers + room) an analog -15.5dB attenuation can be activated using a switch at the back panel.

This attenuator uses 12 pieces of 0.01% VAR Bulk Metal® Foil resistors from Vishay.
In case the complete system misses some gain with some tracks recorded very low, the latest Totaldac DACs offer a +12dB digital gain option.

This 2 selectable gain in a Totaldac system allow to optimize all configurations.
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