Trafomatic Audio Experince Two MkII NEW

Proudly designed in Serbia the Experince Two MkII is the upgraded version of the previous Experience Two . The circuit , chassic and components have been redesigned and upgraded . The most changes are in power supply where in upgraded version we use CLCLC filtration of anode voltage . Output transformers are also II C core type but in MkII these are raised to a higher level . 
The NFB is very small (-2dB) just for minor correction I found need during to listening . Also cathode electrolytic caps in input stage are changed with high quality premium metallized polypropylene capacitors .
All in all Experience Two MkII is another definitive audiophile product from Trafomatic Audio company 


Output power: 2x8W
Class of operation: Single- Ended (class A)
Tubes complement: 2x 300b EH gold grid , 2x 6SN7 , 1x 5U4G Inputs: 4 x RCA inputs
Outputs: 4 i 8 oma
Input sensitivity: 0.5Vrms
THD %: 0.50% – 1W, 5% – 8W
Frequency bandwidth: 10Hz-65KHz( -3dB)
S/N Ratio: 83dB
Input inpedance: 100K
Power consuption: 200VA
Input voltage: 120V/230V/50-60HzHz
Weight: 24kg