Trinity Audio amplifiers new generation

Dietmar of Trinity Audio reveals more info about the monoblocks used at AE 3rd Super High End Show 2015. 
So the used amps were engineering samples and I use these amps to look for further improvements. These amps are my development platform. Maybe there is a misunderstanding about the output power. The output power is only increased for loudspeakers with impedances of 2Ohms and lower and only in mono bridge mode!! The measurement from yesterday was done in Mono Bridge mode. In stereo mode the regular TRINITY Power Amps are already extreme over designed and can handle 1Ohm loads at all volume level. 
Enclosed a diagram which Shows the main power differences related to the load impedance. 
These amps are still under development and I am not yet done with the design and they are of course much, much more expansive. Chris and I have to decide later, if this huge additional cost justify this improvements, which are only “visible” for loud speakers with an extraordinary low impedance below 2Ohms at full rated output power. 
At regulars listening levels there is no difference at all, since the regular amps are already perfect. 
By the way the Sunday has “nominal impedance: 4-6 Ohm, no impedance drops below that”, that is an easy load. 
There are no values for the Efficiency and I understand his Statement “efficiency: since mostly unrealistic numbers of competitors we don’t want to confuse clients by non-saying numbers on paper. Therefore we just write: very good efficiency, an easy load even with tube amps” since a lot of Speaker manufacturer measure the Efficiency in a room without any damping to get a Maximum of reflected energy from the walls and ceilings on the microphone to get a better value. Such measurements are of course useless and I agree it makes no sense to compare such values with serious measured values.