Something very special has landed today at the Mono and Stereo! The TRINITY Microphone Preamp is sort of a “Swiss Army Knife” for low-level analog audio signal processing. Dietmar Bräuer guarantees no measurable distortions over the full audio bandwidth with a dynamic range of 140dB!!! This preamplifier is based on Trinity Audio proprietary fully balanced low noise Gain Stage. The overall architecture creates a quad balanced amplifier, where only the two input bias resistors and capacitors, as well as the DC servo references, are connected to ground. This quad balanced configuration has always a minimum gain of 12dB, whereby 6dB is lost in the double terminated output attenuator. So if we’re talking about state of the art 21st-century approach, this is preamplifier was designed from the very beginning to raise the bar up to the “as good as it gets” plane…

Among the multiple functions, the most interesting feature that concerns us is the DC-coupled RIAA vinyl equalizer and this is what the upcoming review will explore in-depth. This preamplifier was designed from the ground up as a true distortion-free preamp with four different fully balanced signal paths.  PHONO preamp also comes with manual volume control and the output level can be adjusted in 1dB steps.
DC coupled XLR “Load” connector, which is wired in parallel to the 1st connector allows to select 8 different input resistances for the different modes. For instance: 200kOhm for the NAB, 47KOhm for MM, 2kOhms for the microphones and any value for the MC or music instrument pickups.
Am I excited!? Heck yeah! Stay tuned for more soon!