Trinity Audio products update

Trinity Audio new upcoming ultra-flexible speaker cables are designed to match Trinity power amplifiers, with mighty power bandwidth above 500kHz and the RAC/RDC-factor being almost ideal 1 up to 500kHz – addressing the skin effect and the proximity–effect so that all audio frequencies see the same resistance up to 500kHz.
There will be a matching stainless steel clamps which hold the cable in the same distance and the cables are placed inside of natural rubber O-rings with a very low shore value to attenuate any floor noise. Above is a photo of the first prototypes, with final clamps already in production.
Second upcoming product is TRINITY Power amplifier audio base, which is designed around real outstanding vibration damping feet. These feet have an extreme low resonance frequency of 1Hz in all 6 direction. They are spring loaded and the springs are calculated for the exact weight of the base plus power amplifier. The feet can easily be changed for any other load.