Triode Lab 2015 collection

The new 2A3 Integrated Reference Amplifier (Code name : 2A3-i) Result of combining the preamp and 2A3 SET Power amp. Check the specs and beautiful picture set:

Tube Use:
12AX7 X 2
6SN7 X 2
2A3 X 2
5AR4 or GZ32 X 1
Dimension/Weight and Power:
22″ Length x 12.5″ Width
35 lbs – 45 lbs, Plus Shipping Boxes and Materials
Power : 3.5W to 5W+ Depends Model and Output Transformers (Some have better inductance for more power, and some less for more refinement / extension)
3 Trims:
Lime Green Metallic, Lime Gold Metallic, or Silver
Tomiko Kyushu Output  Transformers / Covers Finished in Magma Gray
Hammond Canada Choke Transformer
Triode Lab 2A3 Standard Power Transformer (Core Material:M19) / Hammond for 100, 220, 230 and 240 Voltage Market.
Nichicon and Mundorf Coupling Caps
JJ Tesla E-Cap
CMC Usa Gold RCAs
MSRP $3,999
Porsche Rubin Rot (Burgandy Metallic), as shown 3 units are same colour but in different lighting
James Output Transformers
James Choke Transformer
Hammond or your choice of James Power Transformer
James Transformers available in Black or Champagne colours
Furutech Gold IEC
Mundorf E-Cap
Mundorf ZN Coupling Caps
Alps Blue Japan Vol Pot
CMC Usa Binding Posts
Lorlin UK / Connex Selector Switch
MSRP $4,999
Free choice of paint colour
Hashimoto Output Transformers
Hashimoto Choke
Hashimoto or Triode Lap 2A3-FFX M6 Power Transformer
Mundorf Silver in Oil Caps x 2
Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil Caps x 4
Mundorf E-Cap or  possible the Mundorf gigantic Mtubecap
Elma Gold Lug Selector Switch
Furutech Rhodium IEC
Cardas Rhodium RCA
Cardas Binding Posts
AmTrans Gold Twisted Input Signal Wires
3Q Japan Rectify Tube Socket
Soundcoat Sheets
And more…
MSRP $5,999
And if you want more power around with 2A3 tubes, we also have the 8 Watts 2A3SE-FFX-psdm (Parallel Stereo Dual Mono configuration) version.
Pure dual mono design, each channel’s own output, choke, power transformers and tube rectified power supply stage on to the same chassis
Full suit of 6-Pcs Hashimoto or equivalent Transformers (Custom make for Triode Lab)
Integrated or Power Amp (With wood side panels)
Cardas Rhodium RCA and Binding Posts
Mundorf Silver Gold Oil Coupling Caps
Mundorf MtubeCap Power Supply Caps
Chassis and tubes same as 2A3 SE Integrated as above, but the 6SN7 will be replaced by 6SL7
MSRP $8,888