TUBULUS Argentus Black power and speakers cables review

Cable frenzy never stops. Be it on the entry or upper level, the wave of new products seems never to go in decline. Lots of things happend in past decade in high-end audio and seeing it now at back glance mostly on the positive note. 
Technology advancements and materials got at the reach of very small companies and that brought up impressive amount of cable specific high-end audio ventures, that can offer products on the level of performance once unthinkable of.  
Most importantly audiophiles and music lovers at large are benefiting from this phenomena with wide array of cables at different price ranges and performance abilities.


Lets us look what makes TUBULUS Argentus Black series special from the company point of view:
After more than 10 years of experience in high-end audio, we are proud to present the TUBULUS Argentus Black cable series. These high-end cables are based on pure silver conductors, because we are convinced that silver is the best conductor for audio signals. It’s the best electrical conductor of all metals and silver oxides are no problem for audio signals. Silver has the quality of sounding very clear, detailed, realistic and transparent. To enhance these good qualities, we threat the silver conductors with a special thermo-process.
We are also convinced that air is the best dielectric for audio signals. Except for a vacuum, but that’s not very practical. Other dielectric materials absorb energy. This energy is released back into the conductor slightly delayed in time, which is an undesirable condition. Air insulation absorbs close to no energy at all which results in more depth and a open and wide stereo image.
We have combined the pure silver conductors and air insulation in a unique tube construction, which can only be made by hand. Unlike other cable manufacturers TUBULUS doesn’t use Teflon tubes for this. Although Teflon is technically a very good dielectric it can sound a bit “glassy”. The silver conductor and air insulation combination is unique in this price range!
TUBULUS doesn’t work with dealers and distributors. Because we believe that the best way to the customer is the shortest. That’s why TUBULUS cables can compete easily with any other high-end cables which are twice or even triple its price! TUBULUS cables are also made with no excess decoration 


Both TUBULUS Argentus Black speaker and power cable represent their current production line with few interesting approaches to the design…

The Tubulus Argentus Black Speaker cable is based on pure silver conductors of various diameter, because in TUBULUS view silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals and silver oxides are no problem for audio signals. The pure silver conductors are twisted in opposite directions and surrounded by mainly air, because that’s the best dielectric (except for a vacuum) of all. This air insulation is made possible by our tube construction, which can only be made by hand. The pure silver conductors are treated with a special thermo-process (not cryo) to enhance the good qualities of silver.
The power cable of the Argentus Black series is based on high quality silvered copper conductors. These conductors are twisted and placed behind a very thick copper shielding. This power cable is equipped with special RF-filtering to eliminate RF-interference from the mains. This filtering is unique and won’t do harm to the power and dynamics.


Beyond technical specifications, there should always be one important rule to judge any product upon and that’s the musical reproduction. How well some audio product can interact with performer and revive the event is the key to the final judgment of any test and review. 
TUBULUS cables kept the pace of the music intact and have revealed enough details and anchor points, to keep my interest even in a long listening sessions. I’ve might not have been sweetly seduced   as with Skogrand SC Beethoven speaker cables, but hey they are multiplied by factor of 40x. Still, TUBULUS Argentus Black power and speakers cables still created a palpable illusion that was on the musical site and in the range of cables once priced far above its given price. 
Medieval music might come as to simplistic for some, but in its simplicity it shows the true complexity when needed to be reproduced rightly. Un-amplified and in recorded in natural acoustic space the real reference can only be set as such. With both TUBULUS cables the most important building blocks of recreating the illusion of live musical event were there in an interesting, capable  amount. 


TUBULUS Argentus Black power and speakers cables comes with down to earth pricing and performance, that ignites music listening with enough pace to make it profoundly interesting. Its a solid fact high-end audio cables makes all the difference. The questions is only how much and at what price? 
And when talking about the difference it’s not always for good. I’ve stumbled on too many cables being advertised and presented as high performance and as “true” high end audio products. Many of them were performing worst then stock 0,5 EUR power cable you would normally get with computers. This proves the the old saying, how some people will always trying to exploit other people when opportunity arise.
TUBULUS Argentus Black power and speakers cables performance not only truly match its price range, but surpasses it by far. TUBULUS team managed to keep the musicality untouched while still following pace of the music with an impressive speed and timing. Rarely seen at this price rage the potency of immersion into the musical events was something to talk about very positively. 
At this price range you cannot expect the flow of the upper echelon audio cables. Yet, still TUBULUS Argentus Black cables manage to reveal very intimate level of music with the power statement. 
TUBULUS Argentus Black power and speakers cables should for sure be more then worthy of the attention for those willing to step into the high-end audio cabling or upgrade their existing high-performance wire connection.