Ultimate, exotic high end audio spirits

Ron Zacapa XO Grand Reserve is one of the hidden gems in the world of the ’spirits’. It’s possess unique flavor qualities, profound blend and come from the genuine exotic place. Rivaling many of the competitive offerings priced even few times above its giving price Ron Zacapa encapsulate exquisite taste and marvelous conjunction of selected ingredients and techniques.  
This particular Rum closely reflects the exotic ultra high end audio market. For me, the ultimate-exotic high end audio gear extracts the essence and real ‘flavor’ of the music in similar way. When this happens via high end electronic gems the listening experience becomes an intoxication of the highest degree. 
Like with best spirits, it takes decades, or a lifetime to achieve the majestic, perfect blend of so to speak mixture of the electronic parts, that can ‎resolve in a finest blend and contour of timbre, tone and color. 
When this sublime energy reaches our juxtaposition of the sensual reception the real ‘magic’ of high end audio takes a place and a lasting potent musical experience open up the transparent window to a lingering, potent experience…