Vapour Sound Aurora speakers

Now these looks like really interesting monitor speakers. Very intriguing tweeter with dedicated wave guide. Here more info:

The design goal of the Aurora was to create a stand mounted speaker that delivers a full-range experience. While that may sound straight forward, it’s anything but. A 3D printer, also known as Rapid Prototyping enabled experimentation with numerous waveguide profiles. This directly lead to the 7″ diameter waveguide seen in the Aurora. Why a waveguide? Simple, it allows for results that would be otherwise impossible. The waveguide makes it possible to crossover a tweeter at an incredibly low 1000hz. 

What this does is open up the possibility of making a 2-way speaker with an 8″ driver and still keep the large woofer in a range where it’s response is balanced and linear. In turn, using an 8″ woofer means 50% more cone area than most 2-way monitors which use a 6.5″ woofer. The result in visceral, tactile bass that is normally expected out of speakers much larger than The Aurora. Once the waveguide profile was established the tireless hunt for a perfect tweeter to mate with it began. The reality is that after hearing the RAAL tweeter, dome tweeters can just sound boring and lifeless. Months of measurements and extended critical listening sessions resulted in the discovery of one of the lowest mass ceramic dome tweeters on the market. Among the dozens of suitable transducers that were auditioned only one could reproduce the flat extended frequency response both on and off-axis while retaining the signature refinement, detail, and musicality that are the voice of the Vapor lineup.

The end result is a stand mount speaker that grips you with deep impactful bass into the high 20hz range, while maintaining a rich, full, and balanced midrange. The waveguide ensures that the tweeter sees a very small mechanical load enabling it to easily recreate dynamic peaks with the effortless nuance one would expect from a Vapor Audio speaker. It also provides directivity control across the full tweeter bandwidth, giving a wider sweet spot than otherwise expected.
The Aurora is a beautifully executed design, both inside and out. The cabinet is a work of art, and incredibly strong thanks to walls constructed of numerous layers epoxied over forms into a pre-tensioned panel.
A simple design goal resulted in over a year of testing and development, and a speaker unlike any other on the market today. But the results justify time and expense, the Vapor Audio Aurora is a speaker that will certainly make stand on it’s own for innovation and performance.
Priced at $3,495 per pair w/ stands