The TTW10 turntable weight (for 12” and 7”) combines two needful features: A disc stabilizer and an adapter for 7“ records.

The TTW10 features a smart mechanism: The 7“ adapter inside the weight is moveable- as soon as you put the weight on a 7”, the adapter will fall down through the big hole of the vinyl. Your record is now centered and stabilized by the TTW10.

If you place the kit on a 12“ record, the adapter will remain in the rear position and stabilizes your warped records. A sticky rubber mat on the bottom side protects your vinyl and allows you to control the record in a very direct way.
The TTW10 comes in a neat printed box with a linen bag to take it out to your gigs.
Ø75mm x 31mm (Ø2.9 x 1.2 inches)
466g (1.02 lbs)
OFFICAL RETAIL PRICE 89 CHF excl. delivery