Venture Audio Xtreme Speakers.

Venture Audio writes: “The Xtremes are impressively the largest speakers of the Ultimate Series.They are equipped with 13 Venture drivers, consisting of one 2”dynamic AGC tweeter, two 5”CFGC midrange drivers, four 7” CFGC underhung midrange drivers and six 9” CFGC bass drivers on the side panels.” 

“The concept of mounting the 9” bass drivers on the side panels ensures that there is superb coherence in the very low bass registers that eliminates the necessity of separate bass towers. Bass towers bring the complications of locating two more speakers in the listening room to achieve both phase continuity and eliminating bass reflection peaks and valleys at the listening position.
Thus, the Xtremes can produce extremely powerful and well-detailed bass and has excellent definition with clearly defined transients and details.”


  • Frequency Response:20 – 60,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity:93 dB
  • Impedance:6 Ohm
  • Recommended Power:Up to 1000 Watts (No clipping)
  • Break-in Time:Min 100 hrs playing time
  • Drivers:One 2″ AGC Dynamic Tweeter Two 5″ CFGC drivers Four 7″ CFGC Underhung Midrange drivers Six 9″ CFGC Bass drivers
  • Wiring:Venture Cables
  • Design:4-Way First Crossover Design
  • Weight:Approximately 120 kg
  • Dimensions:H172 x W66 x D61
  • Cabinet:Mirror Polish Piano Black
  • Cabinet:Ebony
*Due to progress in Research & Development, our products may present different than those described.