Vertere Audio”s Mr.Touraj Moghaddam in action

Vertere Audio”s Mr.Touraj Moghaddam came all the way from London, England to visit me recently. The purpose is to installed the new modifications on his much acclaimed Vertere Reference Tonearm…and that is world class service. The end result, I hear more definition and cleanness in detailing and the dynamics. This extra work on the tonearm comes as no cost on my side. He also assisted me in the installation and setting up (together with some other notable and seasoned audiophiles) of the newly delivered Gryphon Pendragon Loudspeaker system. That’s mighty kind of him.
He shared with me what to look for in the proper set up of any loudspeaker system. To him, the tonal balance must be there with the right tempo and definition of the low ( I hope I got them right ). He played at least ten records that he brought along and I played equally the amount of my heavy rotated records. At the end we came to a nice compromise that satisfied both of us.
Do note that the Gryphon do require some breaking in before actual finalization can be done. Hopefully, 500 hours will do.

Dato’ Danon Han