Vibex One 11R reference Power Block review preview

Electricity… Before even getting into exotic cabling, resonance accessories, isolation platforms its practically insane not to open up a “pandora box” of proper power distribution. There can be an instant endless debate evoked only touching the subject of power cables and power distributors. Still, this is the easiest mind opener for even most non trained ear. I’ve shown practical, instant hands on application to many people on this subject matter and let me put if politely by saying it was an instant eye/ear opener for majority of “participants”…
Cliff Orman of Vibex Design clearly took a lot of efforts in creating his Vibex One 11R reference Power Block by incorporating the energy control technology employed in their top of the range Granada and Alhambra models. So its expected to share quite some trickle down technology of the upper range. 
Cliff direction is very clear and his is very specific regarding the power block initial design concept. There is no PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) as he strongly feels, how PCBs are totally unacceptable for power distribution products, as such seriously limiting dynamics and sound quality.
Going even further. Cliff keeps his products miles away from any  cryogenic treatment. In his view, this highly trend degrades the musical correctness. Further on interestingly, you’ll won’t find any star earthing or star power connections being employed with One 11R. Cliff practical experiences throughout R & D and trial & error have shown how any unused outlets degrades the sound quality of the ones that are in use.

Vibex One 11R reference Power Block has no metal screws or fixings of any kind in the construction and its in absence of any magnetic components and metal part in casework of the One 11R, as well no fast-on or any other kind of connectors are used to simplify manufacturing process.

So if not metal or wooden chassis, then what and why? Vibex One 11R chassis is made out of KRION®. This next generation solid surface was developed by Systempool, a highly pleasant material, similar to natural stone. The composition of KRION® consists of two-thirds natural minerals combined with a low percentage of high resistance resins. Its not only highly durable and aesthetically consistent material, but it can be processed in a similar way to a wood and can be cut into sheets, thus dealing with the resonances in very peculiar way.  
So far, i think I’ve managed to get attention the attention pointed toward this Vibex product. 


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”? Albert Einstein’s famous quote acts as an epicenter in the hearth of the matter of Vibex design philosophy.
Cliff deliberately didn’t want to create a fashionable product being bigger or more complicated then needed. Vibex One is essential in its design core as it’s in the performance. 
Vibex steps in like a hurricane. No subtle introduction, first gear, straight on and pedal to the medal. F1 like, very fast, open, transparent in nature and resolving in the performance. It lets the energy through without obvious reservations. Yes, I liked it a lot. 
Before being showered with torrents of angry comments, let me lay down the constitutional points. I do not care anymore these days for mediocre products. Vast amount gear are coming in and out and as many of you figured it out already not everything is getting the attention. Why? If not of suitable performance and performing as advertised I do not put any further efforts.
It already tame my a lot of time to put any of these products under the listening scope and testing. If I don’t find any of this incomings performing up to the certain level I will certainly not put any more writing time into them. Fair? Well, as said, if I’m willing to give a chance to newcomers and so called special products, then time already being spent for evaluation should cover the fairness share part. 


From ground up Vibex One 11R reference Power Block radiates with different energy. It possesses the rare ability to let the energetic electricity unstrained impulse through. Sadly most of the power blocks, power conditioners and power filters actually restrain the flow in a grand way. Along with gain, musical flow is one of the most important things in my book of judgments. Each system is the universe of its own as well the dedicated electricity conditions. I’ve been in so many different homes and listening rooms and each situation connected to the quality of electricity is completely non constant. You simply cannot drive a line and fixed cure to the pure system system up, what to talk about the constant quality of the electricity being served further on. It has to be connate to not a thing of virtuality. 
Vibex One 11R reference Power Block brings the unique see through unique ability, that minutely shifts and lock to the music. Via medium inherited sense of musical narrative opens up an inner sanctum letting Milsean authority up front. Impressive…
This is first part of sum up with second part coming soon, where I’ll be focusing on the exact music repertoire and the differences. Stay tuned…
Text: Matej Isak


IEC Input socket: Oyaide IEC320 with Rhodium over silver plated contacts.
11 Outputs sockets: Vibex 2.0 micron Rhodium plated sockets.
Maximum Power Consumption: 10 Amperes @ 230V. / 15 Amperes @ 115V. (Limited by IEC320 input socket)
Internal wiring: 20 Ampere Pure Stress-free 7N OFC copper with high molecule polyolefin dielectric.
All outlets are continuously wired with no breaks or joints in the wiring.
Non-conductive and non-magnetic solid Krion chassis.
All connections are soldered using the highest quality solder available.
All sockets have individual pocket elastomer damping to control and dissipate energy, avoiding cross-contamination between outputs.
Constrained layer critically damped chassis.
High tech Gel feet are employed to decouple the One 11R from the floor or rack. These are far more effective than the majority of spikes or cones in isolating the One 11R from its surroundings.
Available with the following types of outlet sockets: Schuko, U.S. and 13A. B.S.
Guarantee: 5 Years from date of purchase. Transferable.
Dimensions: 357 x 161 x 50mm.
Weight: 3Kg.
13002, Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real)
(+34)926 215 228