Vinnie Rossi Brama Integrated

The power supply is the foundation of a high-performance audio component. Here is a teaser pic of Vinnie Rossi Brama Integrated Amplifier power supply assemblies in the works. 

  • Custom-designed, 1750VA toroid transformer with dual-mono secondary windings (for both L and R linestage & power output stages). Fully encapsulated in epoxy resin and shielded. 
  • 60-amp ultra-fast, soft-recovery diodes 
  • Belleson “SPX-VR” patented super-regulated power supplies for the L/R linestage sections and their 300B cathode heating.
  • Separate, isolated power module for all control and gauge circuitry.
  • Responsive and resilienty power supplies that continuously monitor the AC mains voltage (both under and overvoltage protection)
  • Automatic reporting of diagnostics information to Brama Remote.