Song Soon Onn writes: ” I have own the Vitus Masterpiece electronic -DAC, phono, preamplifier and mono amplifier for more than two years years and I’m loving it especially the service rendered by Hans ole Vitus . Over the last nine months or so, Vitus has upgraded the phono ( much quieter ) with new PSU and some modules changes.

Two days ago I’ve received the upgraded MPL. Starting from cold it sounded so much better, then I’ve thought. Vitus must have make a mistake and have sent me a new super MPL !!! Even my distributor representative commented: “So much more details and dynamics”.

My reference go to song has always been Nnenna Freelon – Tears of a clown from her live album. At the beginning, you will hear a low thump and it was so much clearer and much better in all areas with this upgraded MPL. It can only get better once its burn in 200-300 hours..
I was being told that the power supply is completely changed and some modules were replaced in the main unit. I think, that with the new upgraded modules and power supply, its certainly one of the better preamplifier to own.
On the photos you will see the innards of the amplifier. A good friend who is an electronic wizard commented: ” Wow, mostly surface mounted components. Short signal path…”
Another friend who visited Vitus was very impressed with the neat high tech factory, machineries owned by Vitus. During the same visit another friend was so impressed with what he heard that he bought the the whole suite of Masterpiece components to drive his Marten Supreme 2 speakers. I was told, that he now own one of the best, if not the best sounding high-end audio systems in Malaysia.