Void Acoustics Air Array horn speakers

Is this something that might work for domestic audio application? Void Acoustics Three-way bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array is made out of fibreglass kevlar composite construction, offers frequency response from 90Hz to 26kHz ±3dB and can handle 143dB continous maximum output…
Air Array is the mid-high element of the Incubus Club System and unites many ground breaking technologies to deliver the best high level, hi-fidelity sound you will ever experience. Its radical looks are not just for show, as its form has taken shape from the need to correctly fuse all its sections together to form a coherent radiation pattern over its stated dispersion angles. 

Line source behavioural conditions are met by all sections, allowing both frequency and power shading to be utilised within a single enclosure. Such techniques enable sound pressure level in the near field to be attenuated and matched with that at greater distances, whilst HF absorption is corrected with linear frequency shading. By employing a line source configuration, Air Array is the only mid-high enclosure that can provide constant SPL at all distances with all frequencies arriving at the same time, wherever you are within its 90° horizontal by 45° vertical coverage pattern.

The low-mid section consists of two hyperbolic horns fed from a split manifold driven by four very high power (totalling 3600 watts handling) 12” transducers. Each transducer features a heatsink cooling system to reinforce reliability and reduce power compression levels, combining to produce exceptional output levels with the highest definition imaginable. Four newly developed 3” exit compression drivers handle the midrange frequencies and are each driven by a massive 6” diaphragm to comfortably reproduce frequencies down to 500Hz. Path length compensation devices are applied to the waveguides to seamlessly combine their outputs eliminating all destructive interference and ensure constant output within the stated coverage angles.
The high frequency section uses six esoteric compression drivers with 1” throat waveguides which are positioned on a physical arc to provide a virtual common feed point. This configuration reduces all forms of destructive interference and maintains an even frequency response within every degree of the stated coverage angles. Path length compensation devices housed within the waveguides marry with the extended upper response of the compression drivers allowing the HF to extend all the way up to 26kHz.
Connection to the drive units is via a pair of Neutrik speakON™ NL8s. Air Array can either be stack-mounted using a custom steel box frame stand, or flown with the proprietary load tested flying system. The Void visual signature is evident in both the standard gloss red finish and the weight-saving fibreglass and Kevlar composite structure. A wide range of custom colours are optionally available.
Key Features
Three-way bi-amped sculpted 
loudspeaker array
Fibreglass Kevlar composite construction
14 discrete proprietary drive units
Integrated flying and mounting system
Ground stack on subwoofers
Optional floor stand or flying bracket
Standard red finish, optional custom colours